Restoring a Seiko 5 Sports

In November I got this watch. There was a challenge !
In this post you will see al the steps I took to make it wareable again

Back side :

After opening and removing the backside: Rotor is missing a part of its weight

First luck: Dial and hands are in good condition

First things first, reviving (cleaning) the movement. I have to take it apart.
In the following pics you see the movement in parts. First the dial side…

Than the other side

Here the movement completely stripped

Ready for the spa…

A new Mainspring

Putting it together again

Movement is ready, now working on the case

Removing the crystal….oopsss

Polishing the case..

New crystal




  1. Did you regulate the watch? What kind of performance did you achieve after breakdown and cleaning?

    1. Hi David, Yes, I regulated it, as I do with all the watches I service. This one had an amp of 215 (ok for this movement) a beaterror of 0.5 ms and +7 s

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