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Restoring a Seiko 5 Sports

In November I got this watch. There was a challenge !
In this post you will see al the steps I took to make it wareable again

Back side :

After opening and removing the backside: Rotor is missing a part of its weight

First luck: Dial and hands are in good condition

First things first, reviving (cleaning) the movement. I have to take it apart.
In the following pics you see the movement in parts. First the dial side…

Than the other side

Here the movement completely stripped

Ready for the spa…

A new Mainspring

Putting it together again

Movement is ready, now working on the case

Removing the crystal….oopsss

Polishing the case..

New crystal


Service of a Seiko 7005 dresswatch (1974)

This watch was 20 minutes slow a day. It stopped now and then, so time for a service.

The watch

In the spa, ready for the ultrasonic


Preparing the oil and grease

Assembly of the top plate. Mainspring, geartrain assembled

Gear train bridge assembled

Assembly of the bottom plate

Almost ready

Ready. Now we can start on the dial/hands

Dial attached

Hands attached. Wel I forgot to take a pic of it, so its a crop of the first pic

Cased up, Rotor assembled

A quick check on the timegrapher. Not bad for a Seiko this old. Amplitude is a bit low, but with these Seiko’s this is often the case. The next day it had 210 degrees.

And ready for return to its owner

Citizen NY 0040 – 8200 200 mtr LEFTHOOK

This watch was found in a lot. Movement, crystal and case were damaged.
Nice future of this watch is its crown on the left side, at 8 o’clock
I could preserve the dial and hands, so they are original. The only thing I had to replace was the bezel-insert.
I put in a ‘pepsi’ (blue/red), because I liked the combo with a red/black Nato strap.
I am working on another CTZ at the moment, in the next posting I will post some pics of the overhaul of the moment.
The state the watch was in when I received it, is comparable with the other watches. I didnt made a picture of it…

Seiko 6309-7040 orange dial

The Seiko 6309-704* is a very popular model under collectors. It has a distinctive case shape, known as “Turtle” or “Cushion”.
The best ones are the ones with original dial and hands, but often they come in a very bad state, beyond salvation.
Fortunately there are after market parts for them available, so its possible to resurrect them. Its a pain in the neck for the fanatic collectors, but I think a refurbished watch is better than no watch.
De Seiko 6309-704* is een erg populair model onder verzamelaars. Met een bijzondere kastvorm, de “schildpad” of”kussen” genoemd.
De beste zijn die met een originele wijzerplaat en wijzers, maar meestal zijn die in erg slechte staat.
Gelukkig zijn nieuwe onderdelen verkrijgbaar, dus de mogelijkheid is er om ze weer op te knappen. Hoewel de fanatieke verzamelaar hier pijn in de ogen van krijgt, vind ik een opgeknapt horloge beter dan geen horloge.



As promised: The making of a Seiko SKX ”BB’ Tribute.

Well here it is. The making of. / Daar is hij dan. The making of.

This watch is for sale. for info, email me. / Dit horloge is te koop. voor info, neem contact op via Email

The watch was in similor state as this. I forgot to take its pic. / Het horloge zag er ongeveer zo uit. Ik ben vergeten om die te fotograferen.

Here the case, in parts. Ready for cleaning and polishing. Crystal is a friction fit in a gasket, so gasket wil be replaced / Hier de kast. Uit elkaar, om schoongemaakt en gepoetst te worden. Glas wordt vervangen. En aangezien het glas dmv een pakking vast wordt geperst, wordt de pakking ook vernieuwd.

Here it is cleaned and polished, fitted with new chapterring (silver instead of black) and crystal / Hier is er al wat schoongemaakt, en een nieuw minutenring (zilverkleurig ipv zwart) en glas gemonteerd.

The new bezel insert, ready to be placed / De nieuwe bezelring:

And the case is finished. / En gemonteerd en klaar

Movement, dial and hands ready to be placed. / Uurwerk, wijzerplaat en wijzers liggen klaar om gemonteerd te worden

The movement. Not an overhauled one, but brand new / Het uurwerk. Niet gereviseerd, maar splinternieuw

Because this is a no day/dat dial, I remove the day/date disks. / Omdat de wijzerplaat geen datum/dag heeft, worden die verwijderd.

The back of the movement./ De achterkant van het uurwerk

The dial, ready to be placed. / De wijzerplaat wordt geplaatst.

Snowflake hands, pink gold colored. / De wijzers, zgn snowflake wijzers, rozegoud gekleurd

Hands beeing placed. /Wijzers worden geplaatst.

Almost ready../ Bijna klaar….

Found a matching strap…/ Nog een bijpassende band gevonden…

And the obligatory wrist shot. / En het verplichte pols schot 😉

The workbench…/ De werkbank…